Benefits of using a Far Infrared Saunas by LuxSauna

Weight Loss
A far Infrared sauna can help you burn up to 600 or more calories in just one 30-minute session. Read More »

Far Infrared Sauna is excellent for increasing blood circulation to the skin, which is essential for beautiful, youthful, glowing skin. Read More »

Scars on Skin
Scars fully formed, may be gradually softened. Burns and other wounds or incisions may heal with significantly reduced scarring. Read More »

European beauty specialists confirm that a far infrared sauna will greatly speed any anti-cellulite program. Read More »

Pain Relief
Effective for arthritis, back pain, muscle spasms, headache, etc. Read More »

Injuries and Recovery
Radiant heat helps with sprains, strains, arthritis, muscle spasm and pain. Read More »

Relaxation and Meditation
Stress reduction, relaxation and general wellness… Read More »

Cardiovascular Benefits
Far Infrared Sauna provides cardio training without exertion… Read More »

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Research Supported Sauna Benefits is a balanced view from Justin Tobias, M.D. and revised by Stephanie Neumayer, M.D. citing research-supported benefits and references.

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