Luxsauna – Gift Health

One of the most thoughtful gifts that you can give someone is when you give Luxsauna – Gift Health, Wellness and Fitness.

By doing so, you are effectively stating that you care about someone and how they feel – both physically and mentally. A Luxsauna – Gift Health of a far infrared home sauna by Lux Saunas can be delivered quickly to the recipient and set up by a professional wherever they would like in their home. You will watch as your friend or loved one sheds away pounds, removes age spots, increases their energy and feels healthier with each and every session that they perform with an far infrared saunas. Hopefully, after Luxsauna – Gift Health, they will invite you over to enjoy your gift once in a while – if you are not already convinced of the laundry list of benefits that an at home infrared sauna can provide.

You might know a few people that seem almost impossible to buy a gift for – they seem like they have it all. This person might even be yourself. However, chances are that person does not own an at home spa that they can use each day. Today’s society is becoming more and more focused about health issues. Products are constantly entering the market that promise quick weight loss, reduced stress and increased energy – all without needing to eat healthy or exercise. However, Lux Saunas products offer all of the health benefits that you need to improve your body and overall health. Why not get the perfect gift for your friend or yourself – the world’s most effective health system – a Lux Saunas Far Infrared Sauna.

Unique, Luxsauna – Gift Health

Not only is a Lux Saunas at home portable sauna the perfect healthy gift – but it is a unique one. Unlike any other sauna in the world, a Lux Saunas sauna uses state of the art infrared heat technology that is unmatched by more traditional steam and hot rocks units. This technology has been under development for more than 25 years by Japanese and Chinese researchers. Their discoveries resulted in the offering of an all new and safe to use portable sauna by Lux Saunas. The result of these studies has not just had a positive effect on American culture. In fact, the widely publicized discovery of the power of infrared rays for weight loss, preserving age, toxin removal and pain reduction resulted in an “Infrared Society” emerging within Japan.

Following the discovery of the power of infrared rays, Lux Saunas used this power to create an all new type of sauna with benefits that could not be matched by hot rocks or steam units. Asian medical technology has long been associated with progressive techniques and positive approaches to healing – for thousands of years, in fact. A very important aspect of cultural Eastern healing is performing it the natural way without resorting to drugs or invasive procedures. This makes Luxsauna – Gift Health the perfect gift for anyone with a progressive attitude towards medicine or that prefers to approach their body from an all natural point of view. Infrared rays are naturally produced in our environment. Lux Saunas simply harnesses these rays and uses them in a positive way to cleanse your body – both inside and out.

The Popularity of Lux Saunas

The technology developed for infrared saunas has been explosive in other parts of the world – before it has become available to the American public. In fact, in the Orient, Europe and Australia, more than 700,000 infrared saunas have already been sold to people just like you – those looking for the perfect gift for health and whole body cleansing. Of course, far infrared therapy is nothing new. For more than 80 years, doctors in Germany have been using it to treat certain diseases and remove toxins from the body – without any harmful side effects whatsoever. However, only recently has this same therapy become affordable enough to be available to the general public in portable models.

Far infrared rays have the ability to penetrate deep within the body – up to two inches – to heat the body from within rather than wasting energy by heating the air. This heat melts fat and allows toxins to seep out through the exterior skin in the form of sweat. Unlike other saunas, infrared saunas do not waste energy by expending it to heat up the space instead of the body itself. Lux Saunas units are becoming increasingly popular due to their conservation of energy and portability – a Lux Saunas product can be operated on a standard 100 volt household electrical outlet and uses no more power than a common hair dryer – so you don’t have to worry about your gift driving up the electrical bills of the recipient.

The Look of Lux Saunas

Lux Saunas models are not only functional, but elegant in appearance. Each sauna is constructed of the finest quality Canadian Spruce and features non toxic materials in construction – right down to the water based, non toxic glue used in parts of its construction. Each model features tapered glass windows as well as interior and exterior lighting to give it a relaxing and elegant appearance. The interior of the sauna is equipped with accessory stands as well as free flow technology benches designed for the ultimate comfort and support. Finally, each model comes with a free, built in CD stereo system and oxygen ionizer to create a relaxing and oxygen rich environment.

Lux Saunas models are available in sizes custom built to accommodate one to five people at once. You can also choose from units that are flat and designed to be placed against a wall or designed to fit snugly into any corner of your house.

If you are looking for the perfect wellness gift for yourself or someone else, consider the healthy and relaxing gift of a Lux Saunas far infrared sauna. You can relax knowing that each sauna is protected by a life time sauna warranty.