Scars can occur on your skin for a variety of reasons. However, such scars are often frowned upon as unsightly skin deformities that can detract from your overall appearance and self esteem. Many people are familiar with the benefits of Lux Saunas products for weight loss, clearer skin, weight loss and toxin removal. However, Lux Saunas products can also assist with the removal of scars from any part of your body. With just a 30 minute session each day, you will quickly begin to notice your scars first becoming less noticeable and then eventually starting to disappear entirely. Far infrared rays penetrate deep into your skin to reduce the depth of skin cells that have died (such as those in scars) and makes new cells form much faster.

How Scars Form

With exception to very minor cuts or scrapes, almost every laceration will ultimately result in some form of scar. When a scar forms, it is because the wound has been inflamed for a long period of time, too much collagen is produced while the wound is healing or too many fibroblasts (the vital portion of your body that binds tissues) is too heavy in the area. Scars are an entirely natural part of the healing process and only form once a wound has healed entirely. Scar tissue is quite different than the skin that it replaces. It does not have anywhere near as much flexibility and has much less resistance to ultraviolet radiation than normal skin.

In addition, the sweat glands and hair follicles once present in your original skin will be lost forever in the area where scars occur. Luckily, there are a few parts of your body where healing does not produce a scar that reduces function or structure – bones for example. If such was the case, a broken bone would often result in permanent loss of use of that bone or severe lack of mobility in the area. Unfortunately, all areas where scarring does not reduce function are where people will never see the scars – inside your body. This means that scars on your skin, especially on the hands, arms and face, can produce an unattractive appearance.

How Lux Saunas Far Infrared Sauna Products Help With Scar Removal

There are a variety of scar types that Lux Saunas far infrared saunas can help reduce enough that they become almost impossible to see without close inspection. These scars include:

Scars formed from Acne

Chicken Pox or Acne Scars

Laceration and Injury Scars

Burn Scars