Infrared Sauna Detox – Tips Section 3

Far infrared Sauna Detox: PROTEIN

How to improve on the beginner nutrition plan and refine your food choices and nutritional intake to further improve your health. Focuses mainly on protein, carbohydrates and fats and the way in which they affect your body and overall health.

Far infrared Sauna Detox -ADVANCED PLAN

A nutritional program designed to assist those with serious health problems or those that are entirely dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle. Requires large changes to your normal lifestyle such as eating foods like eggs raw and completely cutting out pork and dairy foods from your diet.

Far infrared Sauna Detox – BODY POLLUTION

Detailed information on how to recognize the symptoms of a serious toxin presence in your body and how to remove them the natural way by changing your diet and taking advantage of the benefits that Lux Saunas Far Infrared Saunas have to offer.

Far infrared Sauna Detox-  MORE NUTRITION SECRETS

A listing of many lesser known facts about nutrition and how you can change your diet for a healthier body and mind. How to eat to fight cancer, remove toxins from your body and a surprising approach to the consumption of eggs.


The benefits of eating the majority of your foods raw and the negative effect that heat can have on the nutritional value of certain foods. How we as a species have gone from cooking some foods for safety and preservation benefits to being obsessed with cooking everything that we eat.


How to identify the healthiest foods in the world and make them an integral part of your diet. 10 easy steps for grocery shopping for a healthier body. Foods that fight certain characteristics of aging and improve skin quality and elasticity.


The foods and toxins that are the most dangerous to your body. Foods that you should strive to completely eliminate from your diet. The 12 most commonly contaminated foods. Substitutes for such foods that you can use for a healthy nutritional plan.


News articles and information about toxins found in food and how junk food has effected our daily lives. How to avoid the temptation to eat junk food and what types of foods you should be avoiding for a healthier diet.


A collection of valuable resources backing up and supporting the statements made by Lux Saunas on this web site and further reading on the effects of far infrared rays and weight loss, clearer skin, injury recuperation and toxin removal.