Elminate Pain using far infrared saunas

As you can see from many of our testimonials from those who use  Infrared saunas, after skin/appearance, weight loss is the benefit of pain relief from using a LuxSauna far infrared sauna.
This Infrared technology has clinical research behind it when it comes to relieving pain.

Available research and massive testimonials suggests far infrared heat therapy is effective in relieving most pain conditions.
• Elminate  – Lower pack pain
• Elminate Sciatica
• Elminate Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Elminate Joint pain – generally and post surgery
• Elminate Head aches
After just a few sessions in the far infrared sauna, you’ll begin to feel more agile with enhanced ability and freedom to move around with less pain. Many clinical studies were done in Japan that proves the effectiveness of infrared therapy in relation to relieving pain.
The infrared sauna naturally enhances the body’s ability to heal. Which stimulates a multiple of beneficial effects such as:
• Easing tension and soothing tense muscles and joints.
• The very fact that this far infrared therapy improves your overall health, explains why you naturally eliminate pain and feel much more vibrant, energetic and healthy.
Rejuvenate your body and boost your immune system. This will eliminate the causes of most ailments and accelerate prevention. The alternative is to continue doing what you’ve always done and you get the results you always have, or will.
Think about it! All pain is a symptom. There is a cause that needs to be treated – Not the symptom. Most people opt for the advise of traditional physicians… take this drug, or let’s surgically remove the source!
The LuxSauna helps to improve circulation and enhances oxygenation. Which helps to relieve muscle pain. Improved circulation and oxygenation improves your body’s ability of healing itself.
The far infrared LuxSauna is the nucleus to your new found health regimen! The finest, most effective tool to eliminate the cause of illness!