203-BThe world we live in is filled with poisons and toxins of all kinds and there is no way that a person can escape from the harmful effects of the same, cause even the food we eat and water we drink is filled with toxins, pesticides etc. Even a person living a green diet on fresh vegetables is bound to get intoxicated to some extent. People and animals that live on eating animals higher in the food chain are bound to get even more intoxicated.

After knowing the harmful effects of the lifestyle we live in, everyone today wants to detoxify himself by some means or the other. While some prefer to opt for a greener diet, produced organically with low pesticides and chemicals, others prefer to detoxify themselves with the help of saunas and health therapies. However, no system of detoxification can work as well as a far infrared sauna that penetrates deep into the muscles and releases toxins hidden beneath layers of skin. Far infrared is the most superior end of the spectrum of light, which has the highest capacity of penetration when compared to any other part of light. The Japanese have used far infrared for many years which also proprietary technology being used for the production of infrared saunas. This technology uses the highest grade black bio spectrum, which is very costly to produce and very effective for the process of detoxification.

The best thing about a far infrared sauna over the traditional hot rock or steam sauna is that, far infrared detoxification happens at normal temperatures while the other systems would need to heat the overall temperature to at least 180 degrees. This makes far infrared saunas a great green investment as less energy is consumed in the process as you detoxify yourself. Another great advantage of this sauna is that you can buy it for your home and store it in a compact place.

Far infrared helps the human body in a number of ways apart from detoxifying.

Weight reduction: As this sauna works on similar principles of other saunas, over sweating would make you lose weight easily
Loss of cellulite made easy
Cardiovascular exercise: Sitting in a far infrared sauna to detoxify yourself can be a great exercise too, as the spectrum of far infrared works on the heart too making you exercise while you sit and relax.
Detoxification: If you want to detoxify yourself, a far infrared sauna would give you 300 – 500 percent better results than a regular sauna. Toxins hidden deep within the embers of the skin can be reduced within no time with far infrared.
Improves blood circulation terrifically and also removes any blood clots which might remain unnoticed.
Fight Aging: If you are worried that due to toxins and the lifestyle you are living in, you are aging faster, there can be no better friend than a far infrared sauna that will alter your looks forever. Look like you are thirty while fifty and look as fifty when seventy when you detoxify yourself.
Far infrared can help greatly to improve the natural immune system of the body and make it fight its ailments without causing harm to the body. Hot rock saunas would heat the body to a temperature of over 200 degrees which can be very dangerous to the body in prolonged usage..

All these factors make a far infrared sauna a great buy and a must buy if you want to detoxify yourself and live a happy and healthy life.