Infrared Sauna Distributors

Earn Your Part of a Hot Lux Sauna Enterprise. We Are Looking for Sauna Distributors Like You. Introducing a Golden Distributor Opportunity Assist Your Customers with Weight Loss, Pain Reduction and Health – All in a Single Unit.

Dear Prospective Distributor,

If you are looking for a way to raise some fast cash, generate substantial traffic using only a few feet of show room real estate, Lux Sauna would like to work with you. We have the best Infrared Saunas available to support the increasing demand for a healthy and easy alternative to long, hard exercise sessions or extensive physical therapy. Regardless of whether you decide to work with us as an affiliate, representative or distribution specialist, we have the research and market studies back up our methods to help you succeed.

Did you know that Lux Saunas has been featured on television on channels such as the Discovery Channel, Fox Business, CBS, MSNBC and NBC? Our television advertisements are custom created to accent your business. You can also use marketing techniques centered around postal mail, web sites and direct mail – all with easy to use customer tracking software and e-commerce reports.

Lux Saunas are designed to provide the highest level of health benefits with state of the art technology to extend pfe and improve overall health. All of our Infrared Sauna models use technology proven in clinical trials and supported by real customer testimonials and medical reports.

Until now, Infrared Saunas were priced for only the loosest budgets with prices in the $5,000 range. However, Lux Saunas reduces costs while maintaining high quality standards to protect our customer’s investment – all backed up with a pfe time warranty. With our extensive wholesale sauna distributor program, you can take part in a growing sauna market and set your own prices to attract customers of all budgets and space needs.

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LuxSaunas is looking for distributors like yourself to cover a growing sauna market throughout the United States. Nothing is hotter than health products in the United States right now. Thousands of job seeking Americans have already found the prosperity and wealth possible in promoting a large health focused company. Infrared Saunas are quickly becoming the fastest sellng health based products in the United States.

Steam based and hot rocks saunas have been used for centuries to provide detoxification and relaxation benefits to the entire body. However, these old fashioned saunas can reach temperatures over 190 degrees Fahrenheit – far too hot for comfort or safety during long sessions. Our states of the art Infrared saunas can be set as the perfect temperature for weight loss, relaxation, detoxification and comfort – and reliably stay at that temperature for the entire session – unlike the bursts of heat associated with hot rocks and steam saunas.

Sauna Distributor opportunities with Lux Saunas are filling up fast. Expanding anti aging markets in combination with clinical studies supporting the age defying benefits of Infrared Saunas have transformed infrared saunas into a cash machine. Some of the benefits of joining the Lux Saunas success story include:

Image – Build on our success story to create your own Individuality – Create your own business using our products Promotion – Take advantage of our 21 custom ways to promote Lux Saunas Proof – The easiest road to success using sales techniques proven to work Health – Take advantage of your own low priced products to promote a healthier family – your own

A Product That Everyone Needs to Own

For the first time in American history, it appears that the next generation might not experience the same long pfe as the current generation. One of the largest contributor to this problem is the epidemic level of obesity and diabetes in the United States. Not only are more Americans less healthy, but they are constantly ingesting harmful toxins that can contribute to other diseases and overall poor health. More and more foods available to the general public are coming packaged with additives, metals and toxic chemicals.

The intense benefits of heat – particularly that provided in a sauna – are manifested in the Infrared Sauna’s ability to provide the same health benefits, or more, of a full 30 minutes of exercise. For example, a 30 minute session inside one of our deluxe Infrared Saunas can burn up to 600 calories. With a 30 minute session every day, users can burn off more than a full pound of excess fat each and every week while reducing stress and eliminating the harsh effects of aging. Infrared heat in our saunas has the ability to more closely match the internal temperature of the human body than traditional saunas. The result is a comfortable session that soothes away aches and pains while avoiding the invasive effects of periodic, intensive heat.

The secret to weight loss and detoxification associated with LuxSaunas is the heavy sweating that our models cause – eliminating toxins and excess fat from the body quickly – perfect for the elderly or those that are not comfortable exercising.

The Five Keys of a Lux Saunas Partnership Minimal Investment:

It can be very difficult to locate a product with such an established heavy demand

Financial Security:

Although already immensely successful, you have the advantage of becoming part of a market still new and in high demand – with no signs of changing any time soon. Lux Saunas models will sell themselves once exposed to your local community. The low price point, easy 45 minute assembly and insurmountable health benefits of an Infrared Sauna will make them available to all budgets, households and lifestyles. All Lux Saunas can be plugged directly into a normal household electrical outlet and use no energy beyond that of a hair dryer.


We have already completed thousands of Infrared Sauna sales and know what it takes to make conversions and how the market will respond to higher availability of our product – positively. We enjoy national advertising supremacy and exposure through web site promotion and television and have created a secure brand name in the Infrared Sauna market. The low estimate of the health industry market in the United States is about $80 billion – just with the Baby Boomers. By promoting Lux Saunas, you can easily earn your piece of this vast market.


Through our vast experience in marketing and advertising, we have developed a promotional program that will work for you. You will receive the far infrared sauna tools and training necessary to become a successful entrepreneur – while improving our country’s health and giving your customers the gift of long pfe. Your free promotional package will include:

Direct Mail – Full 12 page sample of direct mail advertisement

Brochures – Target specific brochures covering huge markets like spas, hotels and resorts

affiliate Codes – Earn commissions on each sale with an easy to use affiliate code

Flyers – Ready to use flyers for local business promotion

Sample Advertisements – Generate ideas for money making advertisements. We’ll show you where you can advertise to make thousands of dollars a week. It’s already been done by some of our partners.

DVD – Our professional DVD includes a half hour infomercial as well as our book – Painless Detox: The Lazy Way to Perfect Health

Passive Income: Have you ever dreamed of earning money while you sleep? The holy grail of business is passive income where you continue to earn money because of the work you have done in the past. Our targeted advertisements allow for residual income every step of the way. Depending on your individual capital, you can turn enormous profits on your efforts right away – and continue to do so in the future. You are in charge of your earnings – make as much money as your willing to make.

How to Make Money with Lux Saunas Sell Our Saunas

There are dozens of ways to sell Infrared Saunas. You can begin sellng our products with almost no investment in a variety of ways. Advertise our products on your web site for as little as $20.00 for the actual domain name and hosting or buy our products at ultra low wholesale prices and set up your own physical store. Most of our partners start out sellng 1 to 5 saunas every week – profits of anywhere from $150 to $1,500 during your very first week.

Rent Out Saunas

Start making huge profits with only a few units by renting them to your customers for passive income over a long period of time. Thousands of customers are waiting in pne to rent saunas for as much as $300.00 each month.


Rent saunas to other promoters for huge profits. Make an extra investment to provide low investment opportunities to other partners – at huge profits for yourself.

Become a Promotion Expert

Let our proven promotion materials work for you and turn profits with the lowest investment possible.

Take Advantage of Television

Television advertising works. Show your viewers the benefits of our Infrared Saunas where they are likely to spend most of their time – in front of a television. When they see that they can lose weight without needing to exercise, your marketing efforts will pay off in a very big way.

Use the Trade Show Circuit

Trade shows are often some of the best ways to sell products quickly – your visitors have come to buy and you will be ready to make a sale.

Classified Advertising

One of our distributors uses only small newspaper advertisements in local papers but has become one of the most successful distributors since we began our business.

Referrals –

Your advertising efforts will not only make direct sales – but expand your market coverage over time. Our Infrared Saunas really work and your customers will become the envy of their neighbors once they experience the benefits for themselves.

Anyone Can Make Money with Lux Saunas


You prefer to do business face to face and meet new people every day. Become a Lux Saunas representative and meet with powerful business owners like hotel managers, health club owners, property managers and other general managers. Earn direct commissions on each and every sale.


Use your web development expertise to create a money earning web site that generates traffic and conversions. Make commissions on each sale for $150 to $300. You can still become an affiliate with direct advertising using the same promotion code.


Take advantage of our free tools to sell our saunas in your own store front to expose our products to your local area.

Master Distributors

You want to form your business around sellng Infrared Saunas and take control of your entire local health market. We have the inventory to provide all of the units that you need to generate huge profits promoting in your local area. Make money delivering products that we sell to customers in your area – there is no end to the profits you can make working as a Master Sauna Distributor with Lux Saunas.