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Connecticut Saunas – Hartford Far Infrared Saunas: Rejuvenate in Style

Far infra-red sauna is the latest, unconventional technology used in sauna spas for heating the body tissues, stimulating perspiration. The advantage of far infra-red radiation over the conventional technology is that the increase brought about in the temperature is target specific and is not indirect. While conventional hot rock and steam methods heat the air inside the sauna and then the body, the far infra-red concentrate the heat energy into the human body directly. Energy efficiency is the main feature, and the health benefits of far infra-red radiation are well known-increased perspiration, which is a detoxification mechanism, improved heart rate and blood pressure levels and relief from chronic pain ad symptoms of chronic fatigue and arthritis. Our Connecticut saunas; provide you with this new technology packed in portable saunas for personal or commercial use. Our sauna systems run on the high quality technology of heating-the black bio spectrum far infra-red heater. Among the Hartford far infra-red saunas, you can avail numerous designs of the saunas to suit your personal needs. A well-designed exterior with an energy efficient heating system like carbon fibers and auxiliary features to ensure maximum customer satisfaction are all trademark of the Hartford far infra-red saunas. They are all destined to revitalize your body, elevating your energy levels and thereby producing a youthful, healthy appearance. Connecticut Saunas are popular because of the different kinds of sauna designs available, ready to be door-delivered. Some of the models include the LuxSauna Elite, the Solarspa and the LuxSauna Dual force. The former has many models under it, like the LuxSauna Elite 203A, the LuxSauna Elite 202C, etc. The special features include a stylish exterior, the ability to fit any corner of your home without being an obstacle in the walking path, a tempered glass door for relieving the feel of claustrophobia, a hardwood floor to provide for free air flow for efficient heating and a CD stereo system to offer a relaxing ambience. The Dual Force models are two-person models that have a ceramic and carbon fiber heating system which allows for maximum heat penetration and a soothing heat experience. It provides high-power heating technology, built from Canadian Spruce and a toxin-free make. Its non-irritant make and perfectly sanitized interior are other features that elevate its demand. Get the infra-red sauna experience with Hartford saunas and glow your way to health!