Compare Infrared Saunas

Compare Infrared Saunas and heaters

This page will outline details that allow you to compare infrared saunas and the fFar infrared heat techonlogy that makes the difference.

Not Just Any Sauna!

Old Technology

Old fashioned, hot rock saunas require extreme heat which warms the room, the walls and the air.

[one_half_last]New Technology

Luxsauna black bio-spectrum far-infrared heaters match the human body allowing deep penetration into body fat where toxins are stored – melting that fat at 104 degrees, shaking the toxins and acids loose, freeing them to be expelled from the body.[/one_half_last]

The Truth About Far Infrared Heaters


Far Infrared LuxSauna is a new type of home sauna. LuxSauna produces BOTH its proprietary Black Bio Spectrum ceramic tubes and 100% compressed carbon panels to generate “far infrared” heat to stimulate a significant volume of sweat superior to fiberglass carbon, concave and incoloy heaters.


Far Infrared Heater Comparison

Not just any Sauna: Unlike the old fashioned hot rock or steam saunas that just heat the (air) room, producing (extreme) heat, at extreme cost, a far infrared sauna by LuxSauna produces far infrared heat perfectly at the same level that our human body emits for pennies a month.


So rather than heating the air and exterior (skin) 93%-97% of the LuxSauna far infrared heat penetrates very deep and very quickly at a much lower temperature because there is no resistance. The unique feature of LuxSauna far infrared saunas is penetrating heat that melts deep human body fat at 104 degrees, which is where the human body stores toxins and acids. When melted the toxins and acids are suspended, freed up and allowed (finally) to be expelled promoting weight loss and general health.


Graphic of dual force far infrared heat production

This Chart was produced by the Far Infrared Applied Association in Osaka, Japan in 2010, specifically for Bio Spectrum heaters. The two lines represent energy produced by the human body and the correlating energy produced by LuxSaunas Bio Spectrum heaters. This relationship means that energy produced by LuxSauna Far Infrared Heaters converge on a parallel line with equal production at the same level as the human body. This means this heat penetrates virtually at the speed of light, since the heat production matches your body there is zero resistance, giving you an enormous range of health benefits you should expect when using an infrared sauna by LuxSauna.

Are You Toxic?: Think about it. There are 70,000 chemicals dumped into our environment of which over 65,000 are potentially hazardous to your health . Even babies are affected. The Red Cross has found a total of 287 chemicals in the blood of babies. 217 are toxic, 180 are known to damage DNA. Scientists have recently made the connection of mercury toxicity in babies, passed on through the mother to a possible cause of Autism. Your body cannot easily get rid of many of this massive amount of toxins we breathe and consume inadvertently every single day. Sherry A. Rogers author of Detoxify or Die reveals that using an infrared sauna is the ONLY methodology for expelling certain toxins such as Phthalates, a common toxin found in plastics. Imagine over the years what physical and mental problems these toxins cause; cancer, obesity and many, many other ailments the source of which are rarely diagnosed. Health Benefits of Drinking Plenty of Water: While using your far infrared sauna expect to sweat profusely. You’ll be drinking a generous amount of water. This alone will deliver many healthful results. Think of it as if you’re taking a shower from the inside out. Drinking good (clean) nutrient rich water and sweating out the bad stuff!


We’ve been manufacturing Far Infrared Saunas for many years. As pioneers in the industry we are proud to say that every one who works with LuxSauna uses, (and is thoroughly addicted to) this product. We, like thousands of other LuxSauna users, have discovered that we have an addiction to using a sauna . A new healthy addiction! Lux Sauna staff remain available and anxious to be here for you whenever and for whatever you need. Whether it’s for health or sauna use consultation or customer service issues, you can count on us it’s our guarantee, and Its our lifetime guarantee! * Disclaimer: Lux Sauna LLC makes no expressed or implied claims as it relates to curing any disease. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before using a far infrared sauna.


graphic demonstrating far infrared heat production in Luxsauna heaters

Infrared rays penetrate immediately into your body and heats subcutaneous fat over 1.5″ deep at 40(c), melting fat, then allowing toxins and acids to be excreted from the body. In addition it simulates a fever reaction in your body. This is good; it activates our bodies natural mechanism for warding off disease causing bacteria and viruses. This heating effect penetrates deep in the muscular tissues and the internal organs and the response is an increase in both heart volume and rate. This beneficial heart stress leads to a sought-after cardiovascular training and conditioning effect. It’s based on NASA research from the early 80’s. Scientists learned that infrared heat can give astronauts a cardiovascular workout without exercise. Infrared saunas help you burn up to 600 calories in just 39 minutes.

A Miracle of Nature: the Far-Infrared Heat generated by the Sun. It is the only type of heat that has deep penetrating qualities for healing. 100% safe for human beings – all living things! LuxSaunas high quality 100% ceramic heaters effectively duplicate this Far Infrared spectrum that enables you to produce the health benefits you need and deserve.

A Comparison Of Infrared Heaters

In order to achieve true health benefits it is important to know what heaters actually deliver. The only heater that will deliver the quick and satisfactory benefits of far infrared is our proprietare Black Bio Spectrum ceramic and carbon heaters. These Black Bio Spectrum heaters are known to emit 95% – 98% of the total heat in Far Infrared form. Incoloy is known to emit only 50-60% of its heat in Far Infrared form. Lux Saunas Carbon and Ceramic heaters have shown to emit the majority if their FIR between 7-12 microns (as shown below). Incoloy emits the majority of its FIR between 0-7 microns. You will benefit from both ceramic, carbon and Incoloy, but you will get a much higher concentration of 9.5 from our Black Bio Spectrum heaters and very little from Incoloy. Overall, you get a far deeper and more intense sweat from either ceramic or carbon Black Bio Spectrum emitters.


finding Luxsauna far infrared heat production on the micron scale


details of Luxsauna Dual-Force far infrared heaters – ceramic and carbon

“How Do The LuxSauna Far Infrared Saunas Produce Such Amazing Results?”
Far Infrared Saunas – Spas: Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD has a lot to say on the subject “At The Tree Of Life a lot of people come from the world with mental, emotional and physical toxicities and the LuxSauna we like for two particular reasons: they are the highest grade spas and saunas at the best prices. No small deal, this is important. We encourage people to buy LuxSauna saunas when they go home.. So they can continue an ongoing detox program because we’re always accumulating toxins in the world. The food we eat. The water we drink and the air we breathe. Filled with toxins continuously. And this is a continual way to undo this “