Combat Heart Disease – with LuxSauna Infrared Saunas

Studies have shown that using an infrared sauna regularly, helps Combat heart disease.

In addition, people that suffer from CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) experienced a large decrease in mean, arterial and venous blood pressure for at least 24 hours. Additionally, using an infrared sauna each day was found to be related to persistent peripheral dilation and improvements in the viscosity of plasma. In addition to these health benefits, it was also found that other infrared sauna benefits worked in conjunction to promote a toxin free and healthier body while addressing the underlying causes of Coronary Heart Disease rather than simply covering them up like other forms of medical technology.

Coronary Heart Disease is not just an American health problem. In fact, CHD is one of the most common types of heart disease throughout the entire world. However, CHD continues to be the most frequent cause of death for people living in the United States. Currently, over 12.6 residents of the United States are sufferers of CHD. In many cases, CHD results in a heart attack. Almost 50% of the people that have a heart attack each year (about 515,000) die as a result of the attack. CHD is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States – largely due to the obesity epidemic in the United States which is beginning to overtake smoking as the most serious public health issue.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of CHD is that is can be both prevented and controlled by simple measures before it becomes a serious problem. CHD causes blood flow to be reduced in a process referred to as arteriosclerosis. In this condition, fatty substance builds up inside blood vessels – called plaque – and attract the components of blood into sticking to the vessel wall surface. As this continues, blood vessels continue to become more narrow and gradually harden. Over time, blood flow is significantly reduced and can prevent adequate oxygen from reaching all of the parts of the body – as well as causing a host of other problems.

Sometimes, the plaque build up will crack or break open. In this case, a blood clot will form to protect the broken area. However, this blood clot begins the much more serious problem where the clot becomes hard and restricts blood flow even further. Combined with the build up of fat within the veins, the passage within the vessel can become so narrow that blood flow is severely restricted and prevented from reaching the heart adequately. This issue leads to cardiac ischemia – which can, in turn, result in a serious heart attack or stroke. Normally, this build up takes an extended amount of time and can be coupled by a significant amount of other health problems.

How to Fight Coronary, Combat Heart Disease

In order to prevent CHD or fight it once it has already become a problem, you need to engage in some activities that will promote a healthier circulatory system and improve blood flow. Such activities include eating a more balanced diet, cutting back on alcohol consumption, lose weight, exercise and abstain from smoking – any activity that opens up arteries and improves blood flow. Of course, all of these activities requiring subtracting from your lifestyle – not adding to it. In addition to these measures, there is now another way to treat the effects of coronary heart disease and provide health benefits to people with hypertension, arteriosclerosis and coronary disease. This healthy and natural option of CHD sufferers is the Lux Saunas Infrared Sauna.

Steam saunas have often been used as a part of an overall treatment plan for Coronary Heart Disease. In many studies, they have been found to increase the flexibility of hard blood vessels for a longer period of time because of its effect of the contraction and dilation of these blood vessels. While this works well, Lux Saunas uses this same concept and goes one step further by using radiant heat provided by Infrared heaters. Instead of steam sauna technology that wastes a great deal of energy in the air, infrared saunas heat the body itself – using the minimum amount of energy required to remove toxins, improve blood flow and reduce stress – fighting hypertension.

The Benefits of Using Lux Saunas to Combat Heart Disease

In the same studies that found that infrared sauna technology was beneficial in combating heart disease – along with other preventative and healthy techniques – found that the blood pressure of participants showed a significant decrease while ejection fractions, heart rate and cardiac output all showed a significant increase. In short, the infrared heat was successful in stimulating the heart and causing blood flow to improve significantly in a very short amount of time. All of these benefits were experienced almost immediately with short sessions of infrared heat.

The LuxSaunas Combat Heart Disease with healing products using infrared heat work far more efficiently than steam. Steam saunas generate much more heat than is necessary to provide health benefits to the body. Older or more traditional saunas heat up the room in which you are relaxing in order to, in turn, heat the body. this wastes a great deal of energy. However, infrared saunas heat your body directly – wasting no energy while providing exactly the benefits you need to increase blood flow, remove toxins and cut excess fat. While you might be looking forward to leaving a steam sauna because of the intense heat, you will not have this same feeling in an infrared sauna.

In most cases, a single hour spent in a Lux Saunas far infrared sauna resulted in a significant increase in peripheral blood flow as well as a reduction in blood pressure for 24 following the 1 hour session. This was experienced with people that had never used an infrared sauna before. So, they experienced the improved blood flow benefits with only a single treatment. After just the first session, you can expect to receive the same or expanding benefits with each additional treatment. Lux Saunas products are not a fad or gimmick. The results are impossible to ignore and the product works to combat heart disease.