Infrared Sauna Technology

Old Sauna Technology

Old fashioned, hot rock saunas

We all love them, but their expensive and can be dangerous. The old fashioned, hot rock saunas require extreme heat which warms the room, the walls and the air – NOT the User! Requires extreme, unsafe heat, lots of money to purchase, set up and to operate. Near impossible to move. Results on benefits = derives a mere 18% of the health, detoxification and weight loss benefits as a LuxSauna.

[one_half_last]New Sauna Technology

Luxsauna Carbon Boost Technology far-infrared heaters

LuxSaunas New Patent Pending Carbon Boost Technology far-infrared heaters match the human body allowing up to 97% of the far infrared heat to penetrate deep enough into body fat where toxins are stored – melting that fat at 104 degrees, liquefying, then shaking loose the toxins and acids, freeing them to be expelled from the body.[/one_half_last]

The Truth About Far Infrared Heaters


Let’s Start by Comparing Apples to Apples – We put our new Carbon Boost technology up against the best far infrared sauna manufacturers in the world: and we were amazed with the results.

After nearly a dozen years in the far infrared sauna business we have been privileged to work with the best technicians in the world. The innovative scientists have been involved with the evolution of the far infrared heating concept since its inception. This extensive experience has enabled us to evolve above and beyond even our own expectations not to mention the thousands of customers who are the true beneficiaries of this research. So having done the research, observed the results we can proudly stand behind what is proven to be the best far infrared production heaters available today.

Our new Patent Pending Carbon Boost Technology and our proprietary Far Infrared Heat panels that generate “far infrared” heat at the perfect energy level, have been proven to stimulate 339% more detoxifying, acid expelling sweat! Far Superior to ALL Other Far Infrared Saunas on the market, throughout the world Today! See the graph below!



So rather than heating the air and exterior (skin) 93%-97% of the LuxSauna far infrared heat penetrates very deep and very quickly at a much lower temperature because there is no resistance. The unique feature of LuxSauna far infrared saunas is penetrating heat that melts deep human body fat at 104 degrees, which is where the human body stores toxins and acids. When melted the toxins and acids are suspended, freed up and allowed (finally) to be expelled promoting weight loss and vastly improvement your health.

Now there are very real and important differences that exist and they may vary well determine what benefits (if any) you derive from using a far infrared sauna.

In order to achieve true health benefits it is important to know what heaters actually do deliver. The only heater that we have found that will deliver exceptional benefits of far infrared quick, best and more thoroughly is the proprietary and patent pending Carbon Boost Far Infrared Heat technology.


This Chart was produced by the Far Infrared Applied Association in Osaka, Japan in November, 2010, specifically for our Carbon Boost infrared heaters. The two lines represent energy produced by the human body and the correlating energy produced by LuxSaunas heaters. This relationship means that energy produced by LuxSauna Far Infrared Heaters converge on a parallel line with equal production at the same level as the human body. This means this heat penetrates virtually at the speed of light, since the heat production matches your body there is zero resistance, giving you an enormous range of health benefits you should expect when using an infrared sauna by LuxSauna.



Far Infrared heat does not heat the air. The reality is 93%-97% of both the ceramic and carbon heaters used in every LuxSauna penetrate the human body virtually at the speed of light, because there’s zero resistance. This is why we derive so many health benefits from using the far infrared LuxSauna. This heat penetrates deep enough and hot enough to melt fat. Fat melts at 104F then liquefied, toxins are suspended then forced to be excreted from the body. As much as 20% of this sweat is proven to be toxic sludge. Ridding your body every day of this toxic sludge will gradually help you eliminate the cause of disease. The body cleansed of toxins is a body able to heal itself.

You’ll notice you start looking like you did 20-years ago. Feeling more energetic, your brain clear and thinking better, faster and excess weight seems to drop off. Plus you’ll gain more motivation to modify your diet, exercise and take action in all (positive) areas of your life. Quite the momentum changer.

This is a lifetime investment in your health, so chose wisely!

Far infrared heat penetrates very deep and very quickly at a much lower temperature because there is no resistance. The unique feature of LuxSauna far infrared saunas is penetrating heat that melts deep human body fat at 104 degrees. When melted the toxins and acids are suspended, freed up and allowed (finally) to be expelled promoting weight loss, mental clarity and allowing the body to heal itself. The body stores toxins and acid in fat. So using this form of heat to melt fat and eliminate toxins is smart.

Used daily, using a far infrared LuxSauna will free up your body to heal itself!

A Miracle of Nature:

Perfect Far Infrared Sauna Heat Produced for Humans:

In order to achieve true health benefits it is important to know what heaters actually deliver. Inexpensive knock-off carbon heaters are known to emit only 50-60% of its heat in Far Infrared form. LuxSaunas Carbon Boost heaters have shown to emit the majority if their FIR between 7-12 microns (as shown below). Inexpensive knock-off carbon or ceramic heaters emit the majority of its FIR between 0-7 microns. You will benefit from ceramic, carbon and Incoloy, but you will get a much higher concentration of 9.4 from our Carbon Boost Technology heaters and very little from inexpensive knock offs, compressed fiberglass/carbon or Incoloy with ceramic coating. Overall, you get a far deeper and more intense sweat from Carbon Boost far infrared heat emitters. The chart above clearly shows this disparity of performance.

Our Carbon Boost Technology with Carbon/Ceramic Combination Far Infrared Heaters Compared To Other Heaters

As you may have discovered, there is a significant amount of marketing hype and Mocked up studies demonstrating that one single material is superior for producing far infrared heat – Here’s the facts:

When testing materials for their properties in generating effective far infrared heat production we evaluate “emissivity”. This reveals a measure of an object’s ability to emit true far infrared energy. Emissivity ranges in value from zero (0) (shiny mirror) to ONE (1.0) (blackbody – which is the emission of the human body).

Raytek is one of the leading infrared instrument manufactures and have accurate emissivity tables on their website. When reading this table, please note the values in 5-14 (?m), micron ranges – (this symbol ?m stands for “microns”) the “vital” range for healing the human body. You can clearly see ceramic has an emissivity of .95 – the absolute closest to a perfect black body at 1.0. This demonstrates exactly why the patent pending Carbon Boost with carbon and ceramic heaters that we use in our LuxSaunas; Carbon Boost Technology heaters is far more effective and vital to your health. See the charts here: Emissivity Table for Non-Metals (Cermaic vs. Carbon)

The truth of the matter is that there are only a few heaters that are manufactured today that produce true far infrared heat.

LuxSaunas proprietary Carbon Boost infrared heaters were produced specifically for the purpose of generating “far infrared” heat as close as possible to the holy grail of human energy – 9.4 microns. These heaters are proven to stimulate a significantly higher volume of sweat, far quicker and more profuse than any other far infrared sauna manufacturer on the market. There is no comparison, superior to all other infrared heaters on the market, the LuxSauna Carbon Boost heaters produce 97% of its heat emission at the optimal range of 9.4 microns. You’ll notice you can start sweating profusely within just a couple minutes, compared to an average of 10-15 minutes.

Take the Test: The temperature of the sauna cabin itself does not matter. Prove this to yourself to determine if you sauna produces far infrared heat or not. Sit in your sauna when it first starts. If the heaters are producing TRUE far infrared heat – the cabin will NOT BE HOT, but you’ll start sweating. If not, you’re not in a sauna with true far infrared heat.

I discovered this secret totally by accident. We had an interview with channel 9 News in Denver CO. We were to have everything set up (3-person corner sauna) on set by 5:30 AM. I was running behind however I just had to first have a sauna, (you look younger, more fresh and attractive – important to me especially if I’m going to be on TV). Problem was I didn’t have time enough to warm up the sauna to my desired 130F. so I hopped in right away when the sauna was only at 90F.  That’s when I realized these heaters are amazing – within 2-minutes I was sweating profusely.

A Comparison Of Infrared Heaters

There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet about what far infrared heaters are BEST. It seems many newer companies have a propensity to boast about their heaters being the ONLY heaters that work. The reality is that these new entities advertise false claims out of necessity. It’s economy of scale; if they can’t afford the appropriate variety they attempt to attack the veracity of other legitimate products and companies that have been in business for far longer than they have. The Simple Fact is: The bulk of all REAL health benefits are achieved from using only “True” far infrared heat sources that produce FAR infrared heat at or near the level of the human body – 9.4 microns. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. There are claims in the market about which those who make them should be embarrassed. Think about it logically. If the benefits derived from far infrared are because the far infrared heat penetrates deeper into your body when and only when the heat itself is at or near the human body micron level, then how would it be logical to suddenly claim that “Near Infrared Heat” is superior for your health when it’s further away on the micron scale, making it NOT a match for the human body and consequently not capable of neither rapid nor deep penetration. After all, that’s where the benefits occur – deep in embedded fat tissue. Melting the fat tissue at 104F, liquefying the fat, suspending toxins and acids so they can be expelled from your body. This is what all the legitimate studies have been focused on and this is the concept that has proven itself in the market with so many people reporting remarkable recoveries and enhanced health and appearance. If heat that DID NOT penetrate the skin was supposed to be as good as or better than far infrared heat, then we would see those reviews and read those reports. But were not. Because they don’t exist!