If you are searching for a Sauna in Sacramento California for commercial or home sauna use including portable saunas and infrared saunas, We can provide you with your very own far infrared sauna.  Lose weight, detoxify and feel good again in your own portable infrared sauna in the Sacramento area. We deliver your Sauna in California right to your door and is ready for easy installation.

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–  home or commercial use, infrared saunas are a great addition to any home.

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Health at Your Home with California Saunas – Sacramento Far Infrared Saunas:

The benefits of a sauna are well known, and well exploited too, for the benefit of people. Regular saunas employ technology using different sources of heat such as electricity, solar power and steam-heating as well as infra-red energy.

All these methods, except the infra-red saunas are conventional saunas for relaxation and rejuvenation as well as detoxification. The infra-red saunas use heat radiated from infra-red energy radiators, substances like active carbon and carbon infra-red emitters like charcoal, etc.

The notable advantage that the infra-red saunas provide is the energy efficiency. In regular sauna methods, the heat generated is used to increase the temperature of the entire sauna room, and the body is heated indirectly through air or steam. This leads to high energy consumption.

The infra-red sauna targets a specific area, the human body, and increases the temperature of the target instead of heating the air in the entire set-up. Your search for an infra-red sauna in Sacramento ends here, with our quality California saunas offering Sacramento far infra-red saunas.

Our far infra-red heat therapy is highly effective in rejuvenating your body, with many health benefits. For those suffering from the chronic fatigue syndrome, the far infra-red heat allows for easy perspiration which acts as a detoxifying mechanism to the body. What adds to the specialty of Sacramento far infra-red saunas is that you can enjoy the benefits of a sauna at the comfort of your home!

Our quality saunas are designed to be portable, suiting any room in your home, ready to offer its rejuvenating service. They employ technology that is most efficient, with far infra-red radiation heating the body, producing many positive effects. You will notice a significant improvement in your energy levels, reduction of stress; improvement in blood pressure and heart rate levels while relieving you of symptoms of chronic fatigue and arthritis-like conditions.

A rejuvenated body and mind are the result of our Sacramento saunas, available to be experienced at the comfort of your home. Proper research to ensure safety and high efficacy has been carried out at all levels, optimizing the saunas and the far infra-red radiation to the degree of 2microns (2-25 microns being the most effective band of radiation).

Our highly precise far infra-red radiation technology ensures maximum body penetration and extensive health benefits. Our quality portable sauna can be availed at your doorstep with our instant delivery services.