“When I’m looking at my body after four weeks, I am a changed man”!

“I have been using LuxSauna for about four weeks, everyday. And, first I have to say that, I really enjoyed using it. it was really a pleasurable experience for me. Its great to see the water just rolling off because you know when you sweat, its toxins that you taking out your body and I enjoy that part. So I drink plenty of water and sweat it out and I feel so much better, I fell so refreshed.

When I’m looking at my body after four weeks, I am a changed man! I have lost a lot of weight around my stomach. That’s really what I hoped to achieve when I started with the LuxSauna program. I feel so much better; I have a much better look, much better tone, so I am quite happy. After a week of using it every day, I begin to notice, my shape, especially the region around my stomach area was beginning to tone up. After the second week there was a huge difference.

I would say that I have lost pounds because it is coupled with a healthy program here. I would say LuxSauna had made a huge difference. I am going home now, but I don’t have an infra-red sauna, but I am sure that, as soon I go home, I’m gonna purchase and go ahead and get it. I am addicted, I would really like to stay here for long and use it everyday.

I think infra-red sauna is the future because the healing is from inside, you are getting at your core. I mean, you are drawing out toxins from core of your being and not just topically just off the skin as you do in the steam sauna. It has the radical healing effects and weight loss that you are going to see. When I look myself in the mirror, I can see my skin has come up a lot, its glowing. I am also extra clean. It’s also easier to clean my skin, which was just natural because you are washing from the inside out. Lots of toxins are flowing out of your skin, so it cleans your skin. LuxSauna is worth every penny for me because, the weight loss, and I have my body toned. I am looking forward to it every day”.