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Far infrared heaters: the most important element of the infrared sauna:


Clinical Trials on Carbon Boost Technology:

Below are a series of graphs of analysis derived from several tests performed in 2010 in Osaka Japan and in Australia in 2011 for the LuxSauna far infrared heaters: The first graph demonstrates the comparison of sweat production of the LuxSauna far infrared heaters and the hot rock or convection style heaters. The graph to the right shows the amount of far infrared heat penetration as a comparison of the human body’s bio wave and 9.4 far infrared range on the micron scale. The chart below is a direct comparison of the largest selling, high-end (most expensive) far infrared saunas from all over the world and how they compared against our Carbon Boost technology. As you can see from this chart – not very well!



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